Disadvantages of Virtual Reality in Teaching

While there are numerous benefits of Virtual Reality in the class room, there are also a few disadvantages.

1. Deteriorates Human Connections.

While virtual reality can be a great asset for most of the existent fields of activity, it can also be a huge disadvantage. The traditional education is based on personal human communication and interpersonal connections. Virtual reality is quite different; it is you and the software, and nothing else.

This can damage the relationships between students and the overall human communication.

2. Lack Of Flexibility. 

If in class you can be flexible, ask questions, receive answers, using a virtual reality headset is a different experience. If you’re using specific software which has been programmed to work exactly the same, you won’t be able to do anything else except what you’re supposed to do.

This lack of flexibility can be a disadvantage for most of the students, and that’s because education isn’t a fixed activity. It always fluctuates!

3. Functionality Issues.

Like with any programmed software, things can often go wrong. When things go wrong, you students’ learning activity is over until the tool is fixed. This can be quite expensive and also inconvenient.

So if a student has exams the next day and his virtual reality headset goes boom, he will be unable to study and pass that exam. This was just an example; it can happen differently any time.

4. Addiction To The Virtual World.

The possibility of students getting addicted to their virtual world is also big. We’ve seen what video games and strong experiences do to people. We can even take drugs as a good example; if what people experience is better than their normal existence, there’s quite a big chance of them becoming addicted.

5. Quite Expensive.

Advanced technology is often expensive. If we wish to expand this virtual reality trend and reach the masses, we have to spend billions of dollars on these features. More than that, the modern education that takes advantage of the virtual reality environment will only be accessed by the rich ones. The poor will not afford it; therefore, we will create inequality in education.


As you have probably noticed, the virtual reality environment is consistently evolving. It could bring dozens of benefits to almost any field, but it can also prove to be harmful. Per total, we believe that the modernization of education through the use of virtual reality can be quite a productive accomplishment.