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Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR Educational Apps

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are innovative technology that have been generating all sorts of waves nowadays; however, VR and AR aren’t just going to be useful for video gaming, a number of companies are discovering solutions for VR and AR in order to use in education. At least 90% of everything we see and do is maintained, and that is a thing that has long been neglecting from education; students do not hold as much important information if they’re simply reading a textbook versus getting more real applications of what they’re learning. And that’s why VR and AR in education are incredibly helpful; these technologies connect students in a totally new way which is more enjoyable and interesting for them, and it improves retention. A number of companies are actually concentrating on creation in this area; and the work we’ve noticed up to now is undoubtedly a close indication of things in the future.vr apps for education


StarTracker VR -Mobile Sky Map

This is the mobile planetarium in VR, created for astronomy lovers to research the galaxy.

StarTracker VR establish an exciting new VR method to the VR world, we think of it as superior VR.

It map 3D Star Field right into a sphere surface, then look from outside into the sphere ball. You are able to image all nearby objects that will move considerably faster than a normal 3D mapping, lastly this deliver an excellent immersive VR experience you never experienced in the past.

Best VR Educational Apps

VR Public Speaking

The VirtualSpeech Google Cardboard app will assist you to exercise for VR Public Speaking,

activities and job interviews, by giving photo-realistic VR environments to practice in. *formerly know as Public Speaking for Cardboard.

​​ Large conference room set in San Jose, California, with 300+ capacity
​​ Small meeting room located in Oxford, England, with 15+ capacity
​​ Interview room based in Cape Town, South Africa, with 4 panel members
​​ Training room, this contains training tips and images to help you improve
​​ Awards room – allows you to see yourself progressing
​​ Wedding scene – practice your best man speech and other wedding speeches
​​ TED talks environment coming soon

VR Public Speaking VR Public Speaking

Organs 3D (Anatomy)

This application is designed to enhance the research into anatomy in medicine, biology as well as other.

Touching each organ as the heart, brain, lungs, reproductive system, liver, intestine, ovary, testis, stomach, kidney, etc.. details are view able.

Functional, practical and valuable anatomical information within palm. Mention of primary education, secondary school, college or culture in general.