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Google Cardboard vs Google Expedition Kit

With the high cost of the the Google Expeditions kits from BestBuy. Many teachers are looking to see if it’s really worth it. While the kit they include new smart devices for students, Google Cardboard viewers, chargers and more. The price for a set of 30: almost $10,000! Which is extremely outrageous.

Do you need to spend that kind of money to get virtual reality in your classroom? No way.

In fact, there’s a really inexpensive alternative.

  • First, get the Google Cardboard viewers. Both Amazon and Google both offer very affordable options.
  • Second, reach out to your school community. If you’re OK with second-hand devices and don’t need brand new, start a smartphone drive. (You know these are laying around homes where someone has upgraded and didn’t know what to do with their old phones!) Ask for used, functioning smart phones at home that they’re not using to donate them. Make sure they send the power cord!
  • Spread the word wide. Ask parents. Use social media. Put announcements in the local newspaper (or see if they’ll do an article!).
  • Third, wipe all the data from those used smart phones. Connect them to the school wifi and download the necessary apps.

Need a charging station? People have created very innovative options that don’t cost much. Check out some ideas!